Tootle is a platform which connects the Freelancer to the Employers.

We are not responsible for any unethical practice that takes place outside the premises of our App & Website.

Be that as it may, We will acknowledge every complaint of unethical practice and take strict action to the best of our ability to protect our users.

Note, This will only be after a user can prove they have been wronged.

Here are the cases where re-fund is possible:

  • If an employer does not reply after the first message within 15 days, the freelancer will be given back the number of credits spent on the chat.
  • Re-fund will not be given if any exchange of contact information has occurred between the freelancer and the employer.
  • Any Tootle Pro not receiving notifications about available jobs for a period of 30 days will have their money re-funded.
  • Any Tootle Pro who has turned off his availability is ineligible for the re-fund.

We charge a minimum amount and in case freelancer has re located or not able to find good opportunity refund will not be given. However they can always reach out to us at [email protected] and let us know the issue.